Friday, February 28, 2014

A good day at work.

My schedule has been so busy that I have had little time to make jewelry of late. So when I do get the chance I work really hard! My fingers hurt, my neck aches, and I don't want to stop. 
Today was one of those days. After coffee, of course, and a wonderful skate ski out in the field, I totally ignored the mess in my cabin, did not put away my laundry or do my dishes, I just sat down and started to make these earrings. I am surprised by how well they turned out. 
They are easy to wear and lovely to gaze upon.


 Little antlers, earrings in sterling silver

While making the earrings I started to craft a new pendant using patterned sterling ring stock that I have had for ... ever! I didn't want to use it for rings, (done before), so I found a new way to use it. I added a 14K gold "nugget" that I made from scrap gold and put it on a brass chain. 


Linear pendant necklace in sterling, gold, and brass.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Woodland friend - a new piece in sterling silver.

I wanted to try something different, something more challenging, and an obsession with all things ... ungulate, resulted in this project. 

 First I sawed the deer head out of patterned sterling silver sheet, and filed the edges, (cleaned up my mistakes). 

I realized that the sheet would have to be backed with something to make it more durable.
I don't like "delicate" or flimsy jewelry
I sawed out another piece of sterling to frame the first and then riveted the two together. 
I really like it! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Shallow DOF, (depth of field), and other things that I like.

I like green. A lot! I like it with gold, just as it is with these lucite and gold fill earrings. 

 I like chain, patterned chain is even better, just as it is in these simple earrings of vintage brass and sterling silver.

 I like pyrite, so much, just as so many other designers at the moment. I love it with these aqua blue, textured, vintage glass beads. I think that the two different shapes come together perfectly, and I love these simple, beautiful, earrings so much.

I prefer circles to most other shapes, Maybe it's just the way that they reflect life. I like connection and symmetry and these earrings are a physical representation of that.

I like simple, elegant shapes that do not snag on sweaters or catch in my hair. I like jewelry that is comfortable, wearable, and classic. 

 I love bokeh, and this photo has it. It also shows a perfect combination of warm and cool metals.

 Well, this might be one of my favorite images of my favorite earrings right now. I think that they are just perfect and I like the way that the image turned out. Shallow depth of field images are intriguing, like a good woman.